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Travel Planner (Pvt) Ltd

Tel: +94112824818
Mobile: +94714442094

No 331a, 2nd floor, High level road
Colombo Suburb


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Travel Planner was born with a simple idea to spread the excitement of travel to everybody. It was simply passion towards travel and the commitment to offer the lowest travel rates in the country that triggered the inception of Travel Planner in year 2008. At Travel Planner our pledge is to offer innovative travel solutions at the lowest rates to fulfill the evolving demands of travelers and holiday-goers alike. We have an expert team who know and understand all your travel needs therefore our goal is to make your journey a comfortable and memorable one. At Travel Planner we are able to offer the lowest rates. Everything you can get from any other travel company we are able to offer at a lower rate but with the same standards. Travel Planner works with all the leading international airlines and more than 100,000 hotels worldwide to offer unparallel travel solutions to our customers.



Travel Planner
No:159/C, New Hunupitiya Road, Kiribathgoda

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