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Tel: +94112580579
Mobile: +94115846168

No. 215, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Thummulla,
Colombo 07
Cinnamon Gardens


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Laksala is the only State owned Gift & Souvenir Boutique and was established under the National Crafts Council And Allied Institutions Act, No. 35 of 1982. Since then Laksala has witnessed numerous changes with an ever growing list of products on sale. Today Laksala operates through 13  branches located island wide and offer the widest variety of all Sri Lankan products at a reasonable price. Most importantly, Laksala enables the numerous industries that supply goods to it to stay both profitable and in business. Today you will find an eclectic blend of items ranging from selections of beautifully packaged tea and spices to, colourful batik ware to an elaborate collection of art and craft as well as the finest collection of traditional Sri Lankan Gems and Jewellery. Laksala is therefore your one stop guide and a visit to one of our stores feels like you visited ‘all of Sri Lanka’!


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