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Last updated on :: 2018-01-08 13:46:33

Kiddies and Toys International

Tel: 0114015543

1st Floor, Bernard’s Building, 106/4, Dutugemunu Street,
Colombo suburb

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Our establishment Kiddies & Toys International (Pvt) Ltd deals exclusively in Baby, Mother Care products and Toys. We are the exclusive agents for Baby and Mother care products range of “Farlin” which is a respected worldwide brand name. The “Kids Joy” product range is our own brand range mainly introduced to medium income group and to support domestic entrepreneurs dealing within the perimeter of our business model, which is catering to mother and infant up to 4 years.

Our toys range too consists of the best brands available. We are also the local agents for “Lego” toys which gives a head start to toddlers to become high ranking business magnets in the world when they grow up. The “Mattel” toy company is the worlds largest manufacturer of toy in the world with regional factories in various parts of the world. This range of branded products gives tremendous satisfaction to boys and girls alike in the world. The Mattel range consists of world renowned brands such as Barbie, Fisher Price, Hot Wheels, Matchbox and the famous Thomas and Friends.

Apart from the above we have board games, reading material for little ones which help them to gather information on Color, shapes, animals along with words and numbers.


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