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Home / Colombo Riverdale Hotel
Last updated on :: 2017-08-14 08:45:54

Colombo Riverdale Hotel

Tel: 0777313328

147/2, Sedawatta- Ambatale Road


Idealistically located in close proximity to the scenic town of Kelaniya, our fully furnished bungalow pays homage to much more than a mere abode for staying in due course of your travels to Sri Lanka. That’s right, with the lush foliage that surrounds the premises in conjunction to the panoramic views that one can make the most of, make yourself comfortable to a lodge that features a traditional village feel – right here within the outskirts of Colombo! 

Whether you are here on a pilgrimage or are here backpacking with much wanderlust at heart, sit back, relax and enjoy a stay that is uniquely oriented in terms of this delightful island’s cultural and ethical principles – reasonably, and within budget. With 3 spacious rooms that are available upon request, the bungalow can flexibly cater to both couples and families, depending on the number of guests.


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