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Brand: Whey Proteins
Availability: In Stock
Last updated on : 2017-08-17 16:29:07


Kick lean muscle production into high gear with the nutritional support provided by Inner Armour Whey Protein 5lb Powder. With each serving, you’ll treat your body to 24 grams of an amino acid specific whey protein blend that is perfectly balanced to support muscle development. The protein is highly bioavailable, and the powder mixes up fast.

Inner Armour Whey Protein is a great value protein, formulated to give you the basics 24 grams of protein per scoop.

Inner Armour Whey Protein is designed to boost the free lean muscle-building peptides, while reducing cravings and increasing energy levels. The addition of precision Hydro Amino whey hydrolysate with other forms of whey protein improves the available amino acid pool preserving lean muscle and supplying super anabolic protein peptides.

Price Updated on 17/08/2017

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Price: Rs. 9,000.00

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