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Wallaby Pouch (leather)

Brand: M & M Collection
Availability: In Stock
Last updated on : 2017-06-26 14:42:04



As the name suggests, a pouch attached to a pouch yet attached to another pouch !!

This travel organizer comprising of three detachable pouches is very handy and useful to keep travel documents, currency, cell phone, keys, cosmetics, etc while you are on the move.
A carbine hook is also provided to hang it on the belt loop or hand bag strap.
All three pouches can be detached and can be carried 

Can also be useful as a purse organizer for the ladies.
No more digging thru your hand bag to find things, keep every thing assorted and well organized.
Material : Leatherette (artificial leather)

pouch A: 7x4 inches
pouch B: 8x5 inches
pouch C: 9x6 inches

Price: Rs. 1,500.00
Qty :

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M & M Collection
10, Jawatta Road,
Colombo 05

Tel: 0776351452
Mob: 0777752786
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