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Farshi Chair

Brand: M & M Collection
Availability: In Stock
Last updated on : 2017-06-26 14:44:48


A Signature product by M & M Collection

**100 % made in Pakistan**

A very sturdy and comfortable. 

"go anywhere" floor chair to  be used where you need a back rest while sitting down. catch up on your favourite TV channel in the living room.

or simply relax gazing over the sunset  at the beach.....

or unwind lazing around in a park..

This fully collapsable extra long farshi chair has 2 inch  jet foam cushioning giving it an extra comfort level

It is Ideal for meditation and yoga.

and kids can read a book or simply play video games on it.

 Each chair has a durable steel frame and is made of fully washable PU leatherite.

A mesh pocket at the back can hold newspaper / magazines.


Size : height (back rest) 20 inches x 23 inches (sitting area)

Price: Rs. 6,000.00
Qty :

Contact Seller

M & M Collection
10, Jawatta Road,
Colombo 05

Tel: 0776351452
Mob: 0777752786
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