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Concertina Barbed Tape & Flat Wrap

Brand: Macson
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Concertina Razor Barbed Wire and Flat Wrap is a high security tape with blades fixed to the lead wire for extra security. It is widely used in high security zones such as military complexes, prisons, airports and on top of walls, chain link fence or barbed wire fence for extra protection.

This is a metal strip with sharp edges whose purpose is to prevent passage by humans. Razor Mesh is a versatile, high security fencing mesh designed to protect you and your property without marring the appearance of the property. The sharp edges of the wire can cause serious cuts in a person attempting to pass through quickly. Getting past razor wire without tools is considerably slower, giving security forces more time to respond.

Macson Concertina Barbed Tape & Flat Wrap has an infinite number of uses including:-

• Military
• Prisons
• Airports
• Oil, Water and Gas Installations
• Factories
• Shops
• Homes
• Police Riot / Crowd Control

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