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Woven Wire Mesh

Brand: Macson
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Woven Wire Mesh is used as various sieves, strainers, insect protection screens, filters, and for metal crushers in quarries etc. The product is also used in the food, tea, rubber, construction, agricultural industry and domestic purposes as well. Woven wire mesh is available in Galvanized, Stainless steel, Aluminum and Brass.

Woven wire mesh is cloth made from wire strands. The wires that make up wire mesh run parallel to the width of the roll (cross wires) and parallel to the length (line wires). The cross and line wires are interwoven. That is, the wires cross over and under each other. Wire Mesh can be woven in a number of different styles depending on the material type, wire diameter, and opening size. Woven wire mesh is available in Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Brass.

Macson Woven Wire Mesh has an infinite number of uses including:-

• Filtration
• Insect Screening
• Fly Screens
• Reinforcement
• Tea Strainers
• Strengthening
• Ventilation screening

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