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Bee Hive Divider

Brand: M & M Collection
Availability: In Stock
Last updated on : 2017-06-27 13:39:05


An ideal product to divide your drawer in small bee hive like sections, to keep Lingerie, socks , under garments, belts assorted and individually in different sections.
This product is fully collapsible and can be dismantled like a jigsaw puzzle.
This feature allows it to take the shape of any size of a drawer and can fit in long, small, square, rectangular any shape and size of your drawer / Chester, you just need to fix the pieces in the required shape.
Made of Hard PV plastic , this product will simply change the way you organize your drawers!
Price: Rs. 2,000.00
Qty :

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M & M Collection
10, Jawatta Road,
Colombo 05

Tel: 0776351452
Mob: 0777752786
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