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Army Hospital

Tel: +94112697218

Elvitigala Mawaha
Colombo 05

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The State-of-the-art Military Hospital that will be opened today in Narahenpita, Colombo, is thus a step in the right direction. The centrally located and easily accessible hospital which is equipped with all modern facilities is considered as the largest ever military hospital in Sri Lanka, with 1,024 beds. It has 21 wards, 12 dental surgery units and nine operation theaters. The vast complex is equipped with a Sterilization and Supply Division (SSD) facilities, MRI scanning facilities, a roof-top helicopter pad, automatic x-ray screening machines, two modular operation theaters, Pathology Laboratory, Radiology Unit, Dermatology Unit, VIP rooms, Medical Air and Nurses calling facilities, labour room, a canteen and an auditorium with 314 seats. It can treat 1,000 out patients (OPD) daily. It is already being hailed as one of the best hospitals in Asia, military or civilian.


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